Practice makes…progress.

It’s been a long journey for me to realize that I wont ever be at the ‘perfect’ place with my body. Even if I reach my goals, I’m prompted to set new goals, therefore never reaching a place of 100% pure satisfaction.  I have started to realize (with my heart instead of my head) that God loves my regardless of if I’m exactly where I want to be physically or not.  I also realized that if I wanted to continue getting stronger (physically, and spiritually) that I needed to be more aware of the possibility of fitness becoming an idol for me.

I still have goals, but am much easier on myself when it comes to meeting them, and not meeting them.  My goals are less specific and nit-picky, and more general,like getting stronger!  I am seeing more and more non-scale victories when it comes to my fitness.  From lifting heavier weights for more sets, to the progress of flexibility and strength in my yoga poses, there has been progress.

Practice doesn’t make perfect, we are imperfect people.
However, practice does make progress……

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Although I’ve done yoga for months now, I think I’m finding it more and more enjoyable everyday. I’ve previously seen the #yogaeverydamnday tags on instagram, and wondered if they actually do yoga every day, thinking it was near impossible.  However, as a part of my goal of the new year to get healthier (physically, and spiritually), I’ve come up with a gym schedule, and yoga schedule that I think has been working for me.  When my two younger boys are down, and after I’ve finished homeschooling with my oldest, I have been practicing yoga.  Most of the time, it’s not a flow, or even a quiet time. I usually see a pose (via instagram, someone at the gym, etc) and really work at that pose. Right now, I’m really interested in arm balance poses, and inversions. I’ve notice that by taking that time, I tend to stress less, which makes my day (and the boys day!) so much more enjoyable.

My point being, finding what works for you, whether it be yoga, or some other workout, can greatly impact you and your family. I find that yoga clears my mind. It helps me to stress less, it give me time (even though it may not be quiet…) to reflect of Gods goodness in my life. It gives me a daily challenge, and a daily sense of satisfaction at the same time. Also, there’s a great, supportive, encouraging social media community!!

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How have your new year goals been? 

New Year, Improved You

With 2014 going out with a bang (And by bang, I mean a Noon Years Eve party for the littles, and a mostly quiet night at home with a few friends) I find it important to have goals for the year. New years resolutions seem to quickly fade out of peoples thought come February, but I find that having goals for the year are much more realistic.

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This year, many of my goals involve my family. Besides eating healthier, and gaining more muscle mass, I want to learn, and grow with my boys. I want to be able to experience, actually experience Gods grace, love, and plan for my life. I find looking back on my year, there are some big memories that stick with me, but overall I can describe it in one word: BUSY! From moving, to having a baby, to figuring out how to parent 3 little boys, traveling to NY, trying to find time to work out etc, etc…. I realize that I let a lot of the year just pass. There were days (probably more than I actually want to admit) that I would count down the hours until nap time, pray they slept for the better half of the afternoon, then counted down until Daddy got home.


My goal is to experience every moment, every frustrating, boring, overwhelming, joyous, funny moment, and thank God for allowing me to be home with my boys, and to experience them. My goal is to have mine and Jordan’s time together, be quality time. Time where we learn more about each other, grow together, and just enjoy each others company. My goal is to be able to have God plant truth on my heart when it comes to my body image and working out. Truth that in His eyes, I’m perfect. Truth to know that I can work out, lift weights, and run without it being an idol, and truth to know if it becomes that.

I think having goals for the year, or month, or even week is healthy. It’s important that we set goals for ourselves so we aren’t just going through the motions of life.  What are your New Year Goals?

Your body and the holidays


The holidays can be a time of enjoying delicious treats, drinks, and time with loved ones. So often, people decide they will start (or get back to) their fitness journey after the new year. It’s great to set new years resolutions (My husband and I are doing the “Whole30” challenge come January) but that doesn’t mean that the effort beforehand should be non-existent. The average american gains 6-10 lbs from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

I used a few ‘tricks’ to going about the holidays that can help you start off your 2015 goals on the right foot.  With the average person gaining 6-10 lbs, the biggest problem is over eating. The delicious treats, and appetizers make it challenging for most of us. My first piece of advice is to get a plate. It’s easy to over eat when you keep making those trips back to pick at the food, but by getting a plate, you can see how much you’re eating.  Next, be aware of what you’re drinking. Some eggnog drinks can contain as much as 440 calories per glass! I believe that most things are fine, in moderation,  so a glass is okay…. four glasses is over 1700 calories, just in drinks. My ‘trick’ with eating desserts is simple. Like I said before, I tend to think things are okay in moderation. When heading to the dessert table, if I want something I tend to stick to a seasonal treat. If it’s something that I can get any time of the year, I usually choose to go without.

Although the holidays can be busy and stressful, it’s important to be aware of what you’re consuming. Sticking to your usual eating routines with healthier choices can help you to feel more energized when spending time making memories with your families!

Fitness as a lifestyle

I’m sure that everyone has a busy life, and if you don’t make fitness one of the priorities, it wont happen.
We’re currently on a ‘vacation’ to NY visiting family, and friends. It’s always harder to keep you’re routines when you aren’t home, but if it’s important to you, you just make it work. From walking to the playground, to going for morning runs, or trying out the YMCA’s in the area, we’ve managed to get a few good workouts in.

It’s all about finding what works for you, but there are plenty of options!  You can find workouts on youtube for 20-60 minutes, ranging from yoga to HIIT workouts. There’s ‘quick’ workouts such as T25, which with people with littles this is the perfect naptime workout!
Besides heading to the gym, the boys really enjoy when I take the double jogger to the park (Carter rides his bike if Daddy isn’t there to push another jogger) and run around the track there, and they get to play afterwards.

Maybe for some people, it isn’t a priority, and to each their own.
However, Jordan and I have decided that we want to have healthy, active lifestyles, not just for us but for our boys.
We not only notice physical changes, but mental and emotional changes. We are less stressed and have more energy when we get a workout in.
Russian get-ups___ Like father like son_


Do you struggle with fitting a workout into your crazy schedule?

Fall Favorites

It’s finally started to feel like fall around here. I’ll take the sun over the rain any day, but the slight chill in the air has been a nice touch. My love of the season and all it’s beauty would be much easier to sum up in photos!


Football! Growing up I was a Miami Dolphins fan. Mainly because my Dad was a Bills fan, and I was a rebellious child, I choose his rival. Since marrying a Jets fan, I’ve ‘switched’ teams, however when the Jets lose to the Dolphins, I still have a smug smile and an internal celebration!


Gods beauty in Fall is absolutely amazing. The usually green leaves change to multiple different colors, and no two trees look the same. The falling leaves bring beauty as well as endless leaf-pile jumping entertainment! (For the kids, and myself!)


Although I love the summertime, It’s been amazing to be able to go for a run and not be sweating before I start. It’s nice to feel the cool air going into my lungs, and for some reason I feel like I can run and run and run in this weather. My runs have become slightly longer. (bonus!)


Flannels! Especially this little guy wearing them.


With the fall weather comes fall boots, endless chunky sweaters, layers upon layers and fancy fall scarves. Another perk of the slightly chilled weather…. hot starbucks!

InstagramCapture_e7212336-0122-42e2-b895-db8daa7aef0f (1)

Although the fall weather tends to bring rain in the Northwest, nothing can stop outdoor loving boys from doing what they do best. The added puddles and mud add hours to our outdoor entertainment, and although it can be messy, their smiles and giggles are completely worth it!

What are some of your fall favorites?

Push your Limits

This past weekend, Jordan and I ran the Tough Mudder  in Seattle. It was my second one, the first one was last summer while Jordan was deployed.
I would say I was more nervous going into it this time, due to the fact that I just had a baby in May.  Compared to last year, I didn’t think I was in good enough shape.  I have been working out, and trying to eat clean… but having had my third little babe 4 months ago left me slightly off my target goal.
This year, the course was 11 miles long, containing close to 30 obstacles, including electroshock,  gross water, and the obvious… lots, and lots of mud.
There was a lot of running, and i’m sure you’re thinking: ‘yes it’s 11 miles, you would think there are a lot of running. ‘
However, last year the obstacles were spread out, so you were usually not running more than 1 mile before another obstacle. This year, there were 4-5 miles of running, then a couple obstacles close together.
I was more prepared than I thought I was when it came to the running aspect.
The most challenging part, for me, was all the required upper body strength. I should have been lifting heavier than I had been in my workouts.
I love that Jordan and I got to complete it together. It’s always easier to complete challenges when you have your other half right there with you encouraging you.
We really enjoyed our (kidless!) time together, and are looking forward to our next tough mudder together!
WP_20140927_002 WP_20140927_004
(Left photo: our “Ahh were going to Tough Mudder” faces.             Right photo: We did it!)

Have any of you completed Tough Mudder(s)? If so, what was most challenging for you?