About Me

Jordan & Carly 6

I am a 27 year old military wife, and stay at home mommy. I strive to be the best I can especially when it comes to helping my boys know God, loving my husband, and reaching my fitness goals.  I struggle and fail daily, but continue to be consistent!





I’ve had a constant struggle with body image. I’ve gone from trying to get a certain number on the scale, to wanting to tone up and gain muscle, to being pregnant to figuring out how to workout again with my postpartum body.  I’ve recently started getting back into lifting, cycling, and running after having my third son in May 2014. I’ve run races, completed a Tough Mudder, and have another one quickly approaching in September 2014.


 I have three little boys 5 and under, which means I always have loads of laundry to complete, legos strewn around the house, and constant rough housing to be refereeing . I’m starting the homeschooling journey with my oldest starting this school year, and plan on following suit with the other two.  We’ve recently bought our first home, which we are completely renovating.   And when I say we, I really mean it. We aren’t hiring contractors. We’re getting profession input when necessary, but then doing the work on our own. I feel like I am always tired, and always on the go…which may explain my slight starbucks addiction.


I am new(er) in my faith. Over the past few years, I’ve been given numerous opportunities to have to depend on God. From losing my Dad to suicide, to doing life with my two sons (at the time) for a year while my husband was completing his third tour with the Army.  All the experiences in my life, good and not so good, are all for the glory of God. I continue to make mistakes, to get angry, and to need Him. Everyday. 


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