Maybe we found love right where we are

Seven years ago, I said “I do” in a courthouse, in front of two witnesses, to a man I loved with all my heart. We decided to listen to our hearts instead of the “you’re too young”, and “you’re moving too fast”.  We were 20, and 21 so we were young.  We were getting married after meeting/dating for 9 months, most of which Jordan was deployed since we met while he was home on mid-tour leave. Through listening to my heart, and marrying Jordan, I’ve found Christ.
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We had many different situations early on in our marriage. We found out Jordan had a baby girl, we moved to a new state, I lost my dad to suicide, and we had our first son. Along with all the changes in the first few years of our marriage, we were constantly arguing, financially struggling, and selfishly trying to balance our own wants with parenthood.  We felt like we were at a dead end.  After talking with Jordan’s parents, we felt like heading out to the west coast (to live with them) was our last hope.  Although they gave us a place to life (rent free) and helped us figure out finances, the biggest way they helped us was by demonstrating a marriage with a foundation of Christ.  They helped us recognize our sinful, selfish desires.  Without their guidance, and without turning to God… I don’t know for sure that we would have made it to seven years.
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Although we had a rocky year or two, I am more in love now than the day I said “I do”.  Standing there exchanging rings, I thought that was the most I could ever love Jordan. I am coming to find that I actually love him more and more with each passing day.  I am not saying that our marriage is perfect. None of them are. But, now we are quicker to realize our sin and selfishness in our arguments. We are more aware how we try to emotionally cut each other down when we are angry, and we don’t do it.  There are still challenging times, but it’s worth it.

I am beyond blessed to have a handsome, strong, Christ- following, supportive, funny man by my side to experience this journey called life.  If you asked me seven years ago where I pictured us, I would have never said where we are.  Owning a home, homeschooling our three boys, learning and growing in Christ, with a heart set for future mission trips are just a few parts of Gods plan for our live together.


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