Becoming a Mom

A letter to my firstborn:
 You have taught me and daddy so much, You are such a funny, friendly, and energetic little boy. I can’t believe you are six. Pretty soon , you’ll be bigger than me, but you promised that you will still need me to cuddle you when you get bigger.  You are always discovering new things, it amazes me. You are an awesome big brother, who goes out of his way to protect his little brothers. You make them laugh, you play with them, and you are a big help.  The thing that has changed the most about you is your love for Jesus. You pray for your friends and family. You thank Him for all he has given us. Your favorite things to thank Jesus for are the animals, your family, and planet earth. I hope that you’re next year (and all the ones after!) are filled with more learning, more love, and more happiness. Daddy and I love you so, so much.

Six years ago,one week shy of my one year wedding anniversary, I became a Mom. I cannot believe how quickly the time really does pass. It seems like just weeks ago that I was holding my new born baby Carter in my arms.I was immediately filled with love and joy.  The daily challenges and the exhaustion is always worth it! Being able to watch him grow, explore, and change over the last six years has been an extreme blessing.

Becoming a Mom (now to three) is a life changing event. You love more, you worry more, you are forever changed.  Everyday is a new day filled with new laughs, new struggles, and new learning. Everyday a little person(s) depends on you 100% to care for them, teach them right from wrong, teach them how to obey, and how to love.


You’ll always be my baby

With my (first) baby turning six, I want to celebrate. Celebrate all the ways he’s grown, and the ways he’s helped Jordan and I to grow. So much has happened in his lifetime. We’ve grown in our relationship with the Lord. We’ve lived in 3 states. We’ve purchased our first “real” home. We got through a deployment. We’ve grown our family even more. In celebrating Carter, here are a few of my favorites:


The Hulk


Loves naps with Daddy


Brotherly love


Energetic little boy


Nature lover


Many faces of Carter


Sleep tight.


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