It’s time to ban together!

I think it’s time for Moms to start to ban together. We all have something major in common… we’re raising children. It’s challenging, fun, rewarding, and exhausting. As much as it may seem via social media, there is no perfect mom. No mom has it all together, and it’s time we start being honest with each other about our struggles.

I think it’s easy for us to feel overwhelmed and envious of other moms. It’s easy to put ourselves down when we see how ‘perfect’ someones house looked when you popped over, or how well behaved another moms child was in the check out line in the store, or being left wondering how that mom manages to get a daily workout in.  The truth is there’s always more to peoples story. Maybe you did witness a child behaving far better that yours in the store, but you missed the breakdown getting out the door. Or, maybe a mom does get to the gym every day, but maybe it’s her only time to interact with other adults all day.

Instead of being left discouraged and like we aren’t doing it “right”, we should feel proud. Proud that we are who God created us to be, we are Moms. We are the perfect parent for our children, even if we don’t have our house in order 100% of the time, if the kids don’t eat organic gourmet meals every night, and if we aren’t a size 2.  God created us to be the moms children need. And, if you’re interested in how that other mom works a full time job but still seems to manage her house, ask her about it. If you’re interested in how a mom can juggle the daily tasks on motherhood and still make time for fitness, ask her. We need to communicate more, and help each other out more.


If you notice another mom struggling, offer her help, share an honest store, and give her the encouragement she may need. It will be appreciated.


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