10 Things I love about Motherhood

Although I can sometimes find myself feeling exhausted, unaccomplished, and overwhelmed, I am so grateful that I am able to experience all that Motherhood has to offer. I’ve been thinking a lot lately on all the joys that Motherhood can bring, and how ironic it is that somehow witnessing brothers hugging, or sharing a laugh can erase the previous overwhelming frustration of freshly painted walls being colored on. After following Mama Kat’s blog for some time, I’ve decided to join in on her writing prompt for this week, and come up with 10 things I love about Motherhood.InstagramCapture_879b28f2-47c4-415a-949c-05aba0348777

1. Everyday is a new day. Kids keep you on your toes. You think you have motherhood mastered, then baby number two (or three…) comes along, and you have to re-learn sleep patterns, likes/dislikes, and food preferences.  I have one son who loves dinosaurs, one who loves trucks, and one who is too young to enjoy anything more that getting into everything he’s not suppose to, which makes every minute of every day different than the one before.

2. Kids say the funniest things. I have a book that I jot down hilarious things that my boys say. The other day, Carter (5) said “When I get big, like 20, I can  sleep in the garbage!” Jesse (3) was very concerned, and said “Um, Carter, that’s very far away. And you can’t sleep in the garbage, that’s yucky you will get sick and have to go to the hospible. And get shots.” Carter then replied “Oh, yeah. I forgot. I mean I can sleep on the roof.”  It’s amazing the conversations I witness on a daily basis.WP_20150126_005(1)

3. I get to play with new toys! I know they were excited about the racetrack they got for Christmas… and that marble run. However, I may have been slightly more excited to play with it with them!

4. I get to witness change and growth on a daily basis. Being a Stay at home mom has been the best blessing.  I know not everyone has the opportunity, but when Jordan and I talked about it, we had to figure it out. I couldn’t just stay home without other “sacrifices” (And by sacrifices, I mean financial ones- cars without car payments, inexpensive month to month cells with data only connecting to wifi, etc..) but it was what we chose to do in order for me to be home. I’m 100% sure we made the right choice in exchanging worldly possessions for time with my boys.InstagramCapture_be549bb0-0fe7-401b-a157-396c1f98f8a5

5. I learn daily, too. From patience to how they learn best, I am constantly learning more about them, and about life everyday.  They’ve started ‘reminding me’ about the stage of my heart, (“Mommy, is yelling having a mean heart or nice…”) and more about talking about what I did wrong, and apologizing for it. The learn from example, and that’s sometimes tough.

6. The love from a child.  My heart is constantly full of love from my boys.  They are always telling me they love me, asking if I want to snuggle, and coming to me when they are hurt, sad or mad. When I’m not here (like when I snag a few hours to sneak out of the house… or when I drop them off at the gym and workout) they miss me, they come running to me, arms wide open, yelling “Mommy!!!!!”, and can’t wait to tell me all about our time apart.

7. Everyday is a new adventure. Since Carter is homeschooled, and we do most of our book work in the afternoon when the little boys nap, we have the opportunity to go exploring during the day.  They love checking out a new park, going on walks or bike rides, and finding new fun places to hang out.  Carter has been asking about going in the woods (I’m assuming he means hiking….) and once the weather gets nicer, I have lots of day trips in mind!  Even if we stay home for the day, we’re building dinosaur caves, and zoos, each day is ‘someplace’ new.

8. Their overwhelming sense of joy. Whether they master a great new accomplishment (like sliding down the 15 foot fireman pole at the playground, or finally getting across those monkey bars in the back yard) or draw an awesome spaceship, all by themselves, they are overflowing with joy.  They have a great sense of accomplishment, that is contagious. I would have never imagined myself being so excited about that first poop on the potty…. but let me tell you, I was just as excited as they were!


9. Endless cuteness. Although my boys will say “Mom, I’m not cute, I’m cool.”, they are totally cute.

10. Reading throughout the day, all day long. I can never get sick of hearing “Mom, can you read me this book.” Not only does it give me more time with them , teaching them (and sneaking in some cuddles…) but also forces me to stop the ‘busy-ness’ and sit down with my boys. I’ve written before how I tend to get caught up in the to-do lists of life, and I feel like sitting and reading with them helps me to absorb the greatness of motherhood.


What do you love about motherhood? It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, and exhausted with the daily task of motherhood, (At least for me) but although some days seem long, the time flies by.


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