I am more than “Just a Mom”…

There are times when I feel like being “just a mom” isn’t enough.  Then there are times when I know that’s what I’m suppose to be doing. Although I may not have too many things, not having to do with the kids, that I’m doing (Besides that amazing 2-hour time frame I get to work out, Thanks YMCA!) I know that it’s just the season I’m in.  I know that even when I’m teaching, talking, showing the kids Gods love, I too, am also blessed.


I also get to experience their every day quirks, and giggles. I get to say things that I never could have imagined myself having to say. (Such as “stop eating popcorn out of each others toes…”)  Watching the boys relationship with each other and other kids grow is fascinating. Knowing they depend on me, and look to me is amazing. (Except maybe in the middle of the night when Jesse wakes me up to tell me his bed is “too boring” and he can’t sleep in it)


I love that although our school book learning time lasts a few hours, our learning time is the whole day. From teaching them manners, to cleaning, and cooking, they absorb the information, and crave to learn more!  Wouldn’t it be amazing if we all could follow in their footsteps when it comes to the Gospel?

We’ve been discussing Gods plan for our lives, and what we are being called to do. Jordan and I have discussed with each other, and prayed about being missionaries, which is something that has been laid on our hearts more and more lately.  We’ve started talking with more families who have gone, prayed more about what we should be doing and where we should do, and done much, much more research.  We know that this is something we are being called to do.

Our plan: Probably leave within the next 2 years, for about a year

.God’s plan: ….we will find out!

So, although there are days when I feel like being ‘just a mom’ isn’t enough, I know that God does have more for me. And that it’s nearly impossible to be “just a mom”, when in reality I’m also a counselor, chef, maid, taxi, referee, teacher, nurse…..AndyStanley


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