Although I’ve done yoga for months now, I think I’m finding it more and more enjoyable everyday. I’ve previously seen the #yogaeverydamnday tags on instagram, and wondered if they actually do yoga every day, thinking it was near impossible.  However, as a part of my goal of the new year to get healthier (physically, and spiritually), I’ve come up with a gym schedule, and yoga schedule that I think has been working for me.  When my two younger boys are down, and after I’ve finished homeschooling with my oldest, I have been practicing yoga.  Most of the time, it’s not a flow, or even a quiet time. I usually see a pose (via instagram, someone at the gym, etc) and really work at that pose. Right now, I’m really interested in arm balance poses, and inversions. I’ve notice that by taking that time, I tend to stress less, which makes my day (and the boys day!) so much more enjoyable.

My point being, finding what works for you, whether it be yoga, or some other workout, can greatly impact you and your family. I find that yoga clears my mind. It helps me to stress less, it give me time (even though it may not be quiet…) to reflect of Gods goodness in my life. It gives me a daily challenge, and a daily sense of satisfaction at the same time. Also, there’s a great, supportive, encouraging social media community!!

InstagramCapture_3d223981-beff-4ff4-8a7e-c0937e5ab175   InstagramCapture_b9c051ae-99a6-45e9-8b71-b29a965864a0 InstagramCapture_b3870302-1670-478e-af6a-eae00b37a438  WP_20150109_13_02_21_Pro WP_20150109_13_07_28_Pro   WP_20150113_11_58_51_Pro

How have your new year goals been? 


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