I am more than “Just a Mom”…

There are times when I feel like being “just a mom” isn’t enough.  Then there are times when I know that’s what I’m suppose to be doing. Although I may not have too many things, not having to do with the kids, that I’m doing (Besides that amazing 2-hour time frame I get to work out, Thanks YMCA!) I know that it’s just the season I’m in.  I know that even when I’m teaching, talking, showing the kids Gods love, I too, am also blessed.


I also get to experience their every day quirks, and giggles. I get to say things that I never could have imagined myself having to say. (Such as “stop eating popcorn out of each others toes…”)  Watching the boys relationship with each other and other kids grow is fascinating. Knowing they depend on me, and look to me is amazing. (Except maybe in the middle of the night when Jesse wakes me up to tell me his bed is “too boring” and he can’t sleep in it)


I love that although our school book learning time lasts a few hours, our learning time is the whole day. From teaching them manners, to cleaning, and cooking, they absorb the information, and crave to learn more!  Wouldn’t it be amazing if we all could follow in their footsteps when it comes to the Gospel?

We’ve been discussing Gods plan for our lives, and what we are being called to do. Jordan and I have discussed with each other, and prayed about being missionaries, which is something that has been laid on our hearts more and more lately.  We’ve started talking with more families who have gone, prayed more about what we should be doing and where we should do, and done much, much more research.  We know that this is something we are being called to do.

Our plan: Probably leave within the next 2 years, for about a year

.God’s plan: ….we will find out!

So, although there are days when I feel like being ‘just a mom’ isn’t enough, I know that God does have more for me. And that it’s nearly impossible to be “just a mom”, when in reality I’m also a counselor, chef, maid, taxi, referee, teacher, nurse…..AndyStanley



Although I’ve done yoga for months now, I think I’m finding it more and more enjoyable everyday. I’ve previously seen the #yogaeverydamnday tags on instagram, and wondered if they actually do yoga every day, thinking it was near impossible.  However, as a part of my goal of the new year to get healthier (physically, and spiritually), I’ve come up with a gym schedule, and yoga schedule that I think has been working for me.  When my two younger boys are down, and after I’ve finished homeschooling with my oldest, I have been practicing yoga.  Most of the time, it’s not a flow, or even a quiet time. I usually see a pose (via instagram, someone at the gym, etc) and really work at that pose. Right now, I’m really interested in arm balance poses, and inversions. I’ve notice that by taking that time, I tend to stress less, which makes my day (and the boys day!) so much more enjoyable.

My point being, finding what works for you, whether it be yoga, or some other workout, can greatly impact you and your family. I find that yoga clears my mind. It helps me to stress less, it give me time (even though it may not be quiet…) to reflect of Gods goodness in my life. It gives me a daily challenge, and a daily sense of satisfaction at the same time. Also, there’s a great, supportive, encouraging social media community!!

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How have your new year goals been? 

New Year, Improved You

With 2014 going out with a bang (And by bang, I mean a Noon Years Eve party for the littles, and a mostly quiet night at home with a few friends) I find it important to have goals for the year. New years resolutions seem to quickly fade out of peoples thought come February, but I find that having goals for the year are much more realistic.

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This year, many of my goals involve my family. Besides eating healthier, and gaining more muscle mass, I want to learn, and grow with my boys. I want to be able to experience, actually experience Gods grace, love, and plan for my life. I find looking back on my year, there are some big memories that stick with me, but overall I can describe it in one word: BUSY! From moving, to having a baby, to figuring out how to parent 3 little boys, traveling to NY, trying to find time to work out etc, etc…. I realize that I let a lot of the year just pass. There were days (probably more than I actually want to admit) that I would count down the hours until nap time, pray they slept for the better half of the afternoon, then counted down until Daddy got home.


My goal is to experience every moment, every frustrating, boring, overwhelming, joyous, funny moment, and thank God for allowing me to be home with my boys, and to experience them. My goal is to have mine and Jordan’s time together, be quality time. Time where we learn more about each other, grow together, and just enjoy each others company. My goal is to be able to have God plant truth on my heart when it comes to my body image and working out. Truth that in His eyes, I’m perfect. Truth to know that I can work out, lift weights, and run without it being an idol, and truth to know if it becomes that.

I think having goals for the year, or month, or even week is healthy. It’s important that we set goals for ourselves so we aren’t just going through the motions of life.  What are your New Year Goals?