Christmas Letter

I figured since it was practically Christmas, that I would share my Christmas Letter with you.  Since all my side of the family lives mostly on the East coast, our Christmas letter is more of an update of our lives for the past year. Enjoy! Merry Christmas!!!


This year has been busy, filled with many blessings, too.
One big blessing is that our family recently grew.
Zachary Atticus was born on the second of May.
His siblings were ecstatic and couldn’t wait to play!
Now Zachary chats, is full of laughter, and a smile.
He sits, plays with toys and sleeps through the night (once in a while)
Jesse is now three, and loves to sing while playing his guitar.
He enjoys playing outside, being a superhero and throws his ball pretty far.
Carters’ now five, and has recently begun homeschool.
He loves legos, anything Batman and thinks dinosaurs are so cool.
Brianna has turned seven, and is now in second grade.
She adores her brothers, drawing birds, and ‘Just Dance’ is constantly played.
Since having Zach, Carly’s a stay at home mom.
She’s started a blog, joined a Moms Group, and thinks yoga is bomb.
Jordans’ been busy at work, and a promotions been given.
He got a new truck, completed his first triathlon, and is still super driven.
Together we completed a Tough Mudder, it was great.
We also purchased a home with Royce and Monica, and started to renovate.
We hope your year was full of laughter and cheer.
We wish you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!
Much Love,
Jordan, Carly, Brianna, Carter, Jesse, and Zachary


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