Your body and the holidays


The holidays can be a time of enjoying delicious treats, drinks, and time with loved ones. So often, people decide they will start (or get back to) their fitness journey after the new year. It’s great to set new years resolutions (My husband and I are doing the “Whole30” challenge come January) but that doesn’t mean that the effort beforehand should be non-existent. The average american gains 6-10 lbs from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

I used a few ‘tricks’ to going about the holidays that can help you start off your 2015 goals on the right foot.  With the average person gaining 6-10 lbs, the biggest problem is over eating. The delicious treats, and appetizers make it challenging for most of us. My first piece of advice is to get a plate. It’s easy to over eat when you keep making those trips back to pick at the food, but by getting a plate, you can see how much you’re eating.  Next, be aware of what you’re drinking. Some eggnog drinks can contain as much as 440 calories per glass! I believe that most things are fine, in moderation,  so a glass is okay…. four glasses is over 1700 calories, just in drinks. My ‘trick’ with eating desserts is simple. Like I said before, I tend to think things are okay in moderation. When heading to the dessert table, if I want something I tend to stick to a seasonal treat. If it’s something that I can get any time of the year, I usually choose to go without.

Although the holidays can be busy and stressful, it’s important to be aware of what you’re consuming. Sticking to your usual eating routines with healthier choices can help you to feel more energized when spending time making memories with your families!


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