Phases of Life

      Lately, I’ve been feeling slightly burnt out. From middle of the night wakings (which have been becoming less and less!), to constantly arguing boys, to the daily nap-time disputes, my days seems very long.  We are usually out and about in the mornings (library, moms group, the gym, grocery shopping) and the boys are pretty well behaved while were out. When we get back home, however, I may be looking at the clock counting down until Jordan gets home.
I know it’s just a phase of life, and it’s an important phase. It’s the time to teach my kids how to solve problems on their own, how to show each other grace and love, and how to respectfully obey their parents. It’s sometimes a pretty tough job. It’s ironic that the little people that can sometimes drive me absolutely nuts, can also make my heart fill with joy the next second. Throughout the day, I find that God uses my reaction to their defiance (and arguing, and disrespect…) to teach them. I can demonstrate showing them grace. I can also demonstrate confessing my sins, and apologizing.
Do any of you moms feel this way?  I know everyone has hard days; days they’ve yelled all day, days they didn’t get any housework done, and days that it’s dinner time and you’re realizing that you haven’t sat down to eat all day.  Remind yourself that it’s just a phase of life. Soon it will be passing by, the kids will be getting older, more independent and this current phase will be what you long for.
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