Stress Less Holidays

 From Christmas shopping and the huge list of DIY crafts you’ve been wanting to try, to trying to fit everything onto your calender, it’s easy to feel instantly overwhelmed once we get to November.  I know I tend to get slightly crazy (really, only to my husband) between Thanksgiving and Christmas, with endless thoughts of worrying, stressing, and putting myself down.
I know what I can do to combat this negativity! So I’ve made it a priority first thing in the morning to get Zachary from his crib, and read the Bible, usually out loud to him. Having that daily reminder of Gods love, and grace for me gets my days started better.

 I have so much to be thankful for. From being married to an amazing man for the last 6+ years, and having three adorable, energetic boys to owning a home, and being surrounded by a great church family.  I want the holidays to not be focused so much on the gifts we get, but the gifts we have.
(I am not saying gifts are bad….We’re getting the boys gifts!)
I want to start traditions with our family, have the boys enjoy the time we spend together, and teach them the joy in blessing others. Those things I can do without the stress of finding the time, or having the finances.
Those things are things that can be taught just through our daily lives.
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