Fatigue at it’s finest

We’ve recently returned from a 10 day visit back to NY. My family lives there, as well as Jordan’s daughter. Our trips back are quite frequent, and over the past four year, all the boys have flown multiple times a year. Zachary flew at 3 weeks old to go back with my for a family reunion.
Our flight there was perfect, even with our 6am departure time! The boys slept, read books, played leap pad games, and looked out the window.  We had an awesome time spending time with family, going on little outings, and catching up with old friends.
Although we’re looking forward to getting back home, it’s always hard to leave.We have to say goodbye to J’s daughter, cousins, my mom and sister, and usually we don’t know when our next visit will be.
Our flight home, was beyond horrible. Besides our original flight getting canceled, and having to stay another night in a hotel, our new flight was not through the same city for the layover, and we had a 5 and a half hour flight to look forward to.
I can’t even begin to describe the flights, just close your eyes and use your imagination….
super hot, screaming baby, airsick kid, no sleep.
Lets just say, we prayed alot for patience, and grace while trying to get home.

Here are some memories from our trip:

me  WP_20141118_008


InstagramCapture_34e6a6be-4c63-4aa5-a9dc-46f70bf75985    InstagramCapture_3999ed71-3d54-4f83-8986-29b707fbc575


InstagramCapture_16bab22a-b5a0-4c06-954c-d56a7905862b    InstagramCapture_0e23bd25-c2b2-423a-9d05-52bfcdc2c3d6


  WP_20141111_004    WP_20141112_005

 We miss everyone, but are happy to be back home, and getting back into a routine.
We have decided that it will be million years a very, very long time before attempting another cross country journey with the whole family.


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