Fitness as a lifestyle

I’m sure that everyone has a busy life, and if you don’t make fitness one of the priorities, it wont happen.
We’re currently on a ‘vacation’ to NY visiting family, and friends. It’s always harder to keep you’re routines when you aren’t home, but if it’s important to you, you just make it work. From walking to the playground, to going for morning runs, or trying out the YMCA’s in the area, we’ve managed to get a few good workouts in.

It’s all about finding what works for you, but there are plenty of options!  You can find workouts on youtube for 20-60 minutes, ranging from yoga to HIIT workouts. There’s ‘quick’ workouts such as T25, which with people with littles this is the perfect naptime workout!
Besides heading to the gym, the boys really enjoy when I take the double jogger to the park (Carter rides his bike if Daddy isn’t there to push another jogger) and run around the track there, and they get to play afterwards.

Maybe for some people, it isn’t a priority, and to each their own.
However, Jordan and I have decided that we want to have healthy, active lifestyles, not just for us but for our boys.
We not only notice physical changes, but mental and emotional changes. We are less stressed and have more energy when we get a workout in.
Russian get-ups___ Like father like son_


Do you struggle with fitting a workout into your crazy schedule?


4 thoughts on “Fitness as a lifestyle

  1. Salina says:

    Yes! I do struggle with this! We need to be more active and get into a solid workout routine. Do you have specific links to your “quick’ workouts that you’ve found to be effective? What’s T25?


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