24 years ago, God  blessed me with a little sister.
I’m sure at first, I wasn’t sure what this would mean, but now I am so thankful!
Sure we had our normal girl fights (….locking my closet with a bike lock so she couldn’t steal my clothes is normal, right???)
but we had a great childhood together.
It was great to have someone to borrow things from, share secrets with, and maybe pick on a little bit.
Hayley, I officially apologize for the endless teasing after you got your “Princess Diana haircut”
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We were there for each other, to laugh with, and to cry with.
Now that we’re grown up, married, each have children, and live on opposite sides of the country, things are more complicated than when we were young.   But no matter what, I know I can call my sister to vent, share a silly joke, or  to get her input.
Our living 3000 miles apart is rough, especially since we both have boys the same age, but it makes our times together that much sweeter.
I can still borrow things from her (by stuffing them into my suitcase before heading to the airport), share secrets with her, and pick on her. (Although now, she tends to tease back)

I hope that my boys have as close as a relationship that we do, with each other.
God blessed them with brothers to laugh with, joke with, depend on, and lean on.
I can already see their friendships blooming.
From Carter rubbing Zacharys’ head and singing to him, to Jesse asking Carter if he’s his best friend.
They already borrow things from each other (sharing legos…. is soooo hard, but they do it!), and share secrets (like Jesse giving Carter all his meat, and taking all his veggies at dinner).
I’m beyond blessed to be home, and be able to speak Gods truth into their little lives, and their friendships.
And hearing them tell each other that ‘God is in your heart, and you need to be kind’ is super cute!

aaa  aaa



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