Wild Imaginations

I love being home to see my boys grow, learn, and change on a daily basis.
My most favorite thing to witness right now, is their love of accessories, and their wonderful imaginations!
It seems like lately, we can’t leave the house without a cape, hat, and/or mask. (Along with their ‘toy of the day’, of course)
I love hearing “Jesse, here, you forgot your cape!” and “Carter, you look awesome!” throughout my day.
And, nothing can put a smile on your face like a kid in a cape.

WP_20141028_003 WP_20141027_005

10153999_10202121103166983_158144243_n 10171690_10202291538747766_1076680125093885226_n

InstagramCapture_ada1531c-35f9-4506-9d7e-8e868ab9f37f InstagramCapture_0f6b0a09-05cc-47c0-aa5f-66efccea0b0a

InstagramCapture_262d10ca-1ad9-41c0-a88e-69a6002d6337 1045020_10200473206850605_978488320_n

983588_10202121103046980_1672635884_n WP_20141027_003

Any of you have superheros as kids?


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