Fall Favorites

It’s finally started to feel like fall around here. I’ll take the sun over the rain any day, but the slight chill in the air has been a nice touch. My love of the season and all it’s beauty would be much easier to sum up in photos!


Football! Growing up I was a Miami Dolphins fan. Mainly because my Dad was a Bills fan, and I was a rebellious child, I choose his rival. Since marrying a Jets fan, I’ve ‘switched’ teams, however when the Jets lose to the Dolphins, I still have a smug smile and an internal celebration!


Gods beauty in Fall is absolutely amazing. The usually green leaves change to multiple different colors, and no two trees look the same. The falling leaves bring beauty as well as endless leaf-pile jumping entertainment! (For the kids, and myself!)


Although I love the summertime, It’s been amazing to be able to go for a run and not be sweating before I start. It’s nice to feel the cool air going into my lungs, and for some reason I feel like I can run and run and run in this weather. My runs have become slightly longer. (bonus!)


Flannels! Especially this little guy wearing them.


With the fall weather comes fall boots, endless chunky sweaters, layers upon layers and fancy fall scarves. Another perk of the slightly chilled weather…. hot starbucks!

InstagramCapture_e7212336-0122-42e2-b895-db8daa7aef0f (1)

Although the fall weather tends to bring rain in the Northwest, nothing can stop outdoor loving boys from doing what they do best. The added puddles and mud add hours to our outdoor entertainment, and although it can be messy, their smiles and giggles are completely worth it!

What are some of your fall favorites?


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