A day in my life

One of the many blogs that I follow is Laura.. Her blog has everything from book reviews, to parenting, and so, so much more. She started a “One Day”  project on instagram, and this year I took part.  The goal of this project is to capture the unfiltered, non-social media worthy, daily photos that we tend to pass over.  The one “perfect” photo you got of your children after the 20 tries, and the beautifully taken selfie are fun to see on our feeds, but we don’t want to go through life without any of the raw details. So, with this project, we took photos throughout one day (Wednesday 10/22) and posted them to instagram with #onedayHH attached. (They are great, you should go to instagram now and search for the #onedayHH photos!)
Hundreds of people participated, and it was refreshing to see the usually glam “i’ve- got-it-all-together Mom” in slippers and pj pants.  Seeing photos of other moms kids having meltdowns in public was a nice reminder that kids will be kids,  and seeing other OneDayHH photos of a stay at home moms homeschool day with her kids was inspiring.
Here are my photos from my onedayHH project :
Good morning! Coffee, big boys having morning quiet time, and happy baby!

Zachary and Jesse playing in the waiting room while Carter meets with his Speech Therapist
Lunch Time!
Carter playing while I get things together for the homeschooling day
This little man normally naps for 2-3 hours while we do school… not today!
Baby food. It seems like making it is never ending, however it’s great to know exactly what is in there, and it’s extremely cost efficient!!
The boys room after they ‘cleaned it’ before we had our church home community group over (boys will be boys….right?)
Good night to the boys! our usual 8pm bedtime was a little later tonight, all the boys were out as soon as their little heads hit the pillows!
After spending some time with Jordan, I’m beat and ready for bed.

I think that through this OnedayHH project, it shows that all the moments in our days are important. even the ones that seems mundane. It was fun to see my instagram feed fill with real life photos of all your lives! (And if you didn’t partipate, seriously go to instagram and check out the other #onedayHH photos. They all tell their own story of someones life!)


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