My Insecurities

“The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.” -Steven Furtick

When I originally read this quote, my mind automatically shot to fitness.
I have been struggling with my post baby body, and have recently chatted with a few dear friends about my struggles.
They were amazing supportive, and had a lot of truth for me.
They reminded me that although working out and eating healthy is good, I have to be aware that it can quickly turn to an idol, and I need to check my heart in my motivations.
They reminded me that my body has given birth (three times!) to amazing little boys.  I wouldn’t trade that for anything, including my old body back.
They reminded me that God loves me for me. Not for my jean size, not for the fact that I can fit into my old pants, not for the healthy eating, and not for my workouts. He loves me, and has blessed me tremendously with three boys, and with the things that I’m able to do.
I started working out 4 weeks after baby #3.
I’ve been doing everything from running to yoga to cycling.
He let my body be able to train to complete the Tough Mudder just 4 months after having baby #3.
I have been given a loving, supportive husband, who although probably gets annoyed with my “body bashing” loves me and continues to tell me “You’re Beautiful!”
I am blessed.

I plan on working out still, but with the right heart.
I plan on making healthy eating habits and choices, not just for my family now, but so I can instill those healthy habits in my boys.
I am just going to do this knowing that God loves me.
I am going to do this with my own goals in my mind, without comparing my “right now” to someone elses “highlight reel”

I know I’ve made progress. Not only in my physical appearance, but in my mindset, in my heart, and in my motives.
Any other Moms struggle with similar things?


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