Our home

Four years ago this month, Jordan and I moved across the country. We left our familiar surroundings, our friends, and some family to move to the west coast. Jordan’s parents lived out here, and after conversations with them about our struggles (from debt, to arguments, to selfishness) they suggested we consider moving out with them. They would help us get our finances on track, we could live with them, his mom would watch Carter while I finished up my degree. Our plan was One Year.
Well as I wrote about in the last post, God has a plan for our lives and it doesn’t always match up with what we think our plan should be. Four years later, and we’re still here. Our living arrangement has slightly changed, we’re out of debt, and we’re owning our sin in our marriage. (As best we can)
Over the last four years, my in-laws have been a huge support. From accountability in finances, teaching us how to budget, introducing us to an amazing church family, and helping me get through a deployment with two children, even when it was hard for them, they were always there. I liked that when I needed someone to pray with, or a hug while Jordan was deployed, I could go to my mother-in-law. We liked spending more time with them, and living life together.
This year, the four of us decided to purchase a home together. It’s slightly comical the reactions we tend to get when people hear we’re still living together. We’ve heard ‘you’re crazy!’, ‘how do you like that?!’, and ‘I could never do that!’. American is one of the few places where multi-generational homes is not normal.  For us, it’s working, and we love all being together, having accountability with each other, and  living life together.  It’s also nice to have someone else here with me when I have homeschooling struggles, feel overwhelmed with household chores, want to go for a run, or just need a few hours in “mommy time out.” I’m blessed, and thankful to have married into such an amazing family.


Any of you live in a multi-generational home? What are the reactions you tend to get?


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