Throwing it Back.

God has an amazing way of writing our story.
He changes things in our lives, and takes us through different things in our life to bring Himself glory.
Although you may not understand something as your working through it, there will come a time when you do.
You see why God let you make choices you made, you see how he carried you through circumstances.
I met Jordan in the middle of his second deployment. We were married 4 months after he got home.
God used Jordan to bring me to Him. Before knowing Jordan, my faith was missing.


A few months after getting married, I lost my Dad. God used this to teach me forgiveness, and hope.
Although it’s been tough not having him here to play with my boys, it’s given me a chance to help other people struggling with losing a loved one to suicide. There will always be unanswered questions about it, but I’m sure as time goes on God will answer them.

Exactly one week shy of a year after our “I Dos”,
Carter entered the world. God used him to teach us responsibility, and love.
After a move across the country, Jesse entered the world.
God has used Jesse to teach us more responsibility, and how to balance our time between Him, each other, and the boys.

Jordan had his third deployment in 2012. God used this to teach me to depend on Him, to trust friends, and to rely on other people. Although it was a tough year, it improved our relationship with each other, and with God tremendously.
Zachary entered the world this year.
God used him to show us more responsibility,
more about balancing finances, and about teaching our boys to love Jesus.
Over the past few years, especially, I’ve realized more that we aren’t brought to anything that God doesn’t think we’re strong enough for. Our stories, are His stories. If we’re willing to listen, and learn.. He teaches us so much. From trust and love to strength and hope.

Have you been through something that you didn’t quite understand when it was happening, but as time passed have been able to understand more clearly??


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