More Important than the To-Do list

 Never ending “to do” lists are constantly on my mind.
I am realizing more recently, that I am always thinking of what else has to get done. From the minute I wake up in the morning the lists are running through my head.
‘make the bed, throw in laundry, unload the dishwasher, get Jesse out of his pull up….’
Even when I’m crossing off something on my to do list, I’m thinking of everything else that has to get done.
I’ve also realized that even during my yoga sessions, I’m thinking about what I need to get done at nap time, or what were going to have for dinner. I’m not working on being more aware of my body, or working on my breathing.
This week, I’ve been making a conscious effort to not think of my to do lists all day.  I’m realizing that  ::gasp:: if the laundry doesn’t get done in the morning, it can get done later in the day.
In this week, I’ve spent much more time playing, more time enjoying the boys, more time talking with them, and reading to them. I did this before, but it was usually me saying “Okay, we can play trucks for a little bit… then I have to switch the laundry.”
My boys aren’t going to remember that the bathroom garbage was always emptied in the morning, or that we didn’t have a sink full of dirty dishes.
I’m making an effort to make more memories.
There will always be a to do list…. that is a mile long…. and probably won’t ever end.
I’m a mom.
A stay at home mom to three energetic, outgoing, messy boys.
And i’m learning to love every minute of it.
Even through the messes.


Any other moms find themselves feeling the same way when it comes to daily tasks from our to-do lists?


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