Push your Limits

This past weekend, Jordan and I ran the Tough Mudder  in Seattle. It was my second one, the first one was last summer while Jordan was deployed.
I would say I was more nervous going into it this time, due to the fact that I just had a baby in May.  Compared to last year, I didn’t think I was in good enough shape.  I have been working out, and trying to eat clean… but having had my third little babe 4 months ago left me slightly off my target goal.
This year, the course was 11 miles long, containing close to 30 obstacles, including electroshock,  gross water, and the obvious… lots, and lots of mud.
There was a lot of running, and i’m sure you’re thinking: ‘yes it’s 11 miles, you would think there are a lot of running. ‘
However, last year the obstacles were spread out, so you were usually not running more than 1 mile before another obstacle. This year, there were 4-5 miles of running, then a couple obstacles close together.
I was more prepared than I thought I was when it came to the running aspect.
The most challenging part, for me, was all the required upper body strength. I should have been lifting heavier than I had been in my workouts.
I love that Jordan and I got to complete it together. It’s always easier to complete challenges when you have your other half right there with you encouraging you.
We really enjoyed our (kidless!) time together, and are looking forward to our next tough mudder together!
WP_20140927_002 WP_20140927_004
(Left photo: our “Ahh were going to Tough Mudder” faces.             Right photo: We did it!)

Have any of you completed Tough Mudder(s)? If so, what was most challenging for you?


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