Times Slipping Away

He’s turning Three!
Somehow, in the midst of a deployment, another baby, moving, and the busy-ness of life….
My little 6lb 3oz, little baby Jesse is turning three. It is so crazy how sometimes the days seem to drag on, but it seems like my boys are growing up in the blink of an eye.
I’ve been struggling lately with some guilt in my parenting.
Guilt that I’m not playing with them enough.
(I’m a stay at home mom…yes, I’m aware this is crazy….)
Guilt that I’m not teaching them “correctly”.
Guilt that I’m missing so much, and I’m right here.
There are days that are amazing! Well behaved, nice heart-ed boys… sharing, loving, and playing. Then, there are days that are completely draining.Boys who test the limits, and fight about everything. Those days, Jordan tells me I’m doing great, and there are hard days, tomorrow will be better, and that he’s praying for me.
My boys are happy and healthy, clothed and loved, obedient and sinful.
Everyday is a new day to shape your child, to grow with them, and to teach them.
Although some days seem long, the years go fast. I’m thankful that I’m realizing this now when my three boys are still so young.  God doesn’t give us more than He can take us though. He knows I can have an amazing impact on my crazy, energetic three boys…….even on the days that I feel that I can’t.
Happy Birthday, little Jesse man.

jj   jjj   jjjj


One thought on “Times Slipping Away

  1. a Mum on a journey says:

    I totally have days where I feel I don’t play enough with my kids, yet I’m with them all the time too. I feel guilty if I do something for me. But i’m gradually learning that its also important that they learn how to play independently too, as thats also a life skill.


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