homeschool happenings

With this being my first year officially homeschooling, I was slightly overwhelmed. I’ve been teaching my kids everyday all day anyways, just as being a stay at home mom, but having certain tasks to complete for some reason, made me stressed. It took about a week to get into a good routine, and write up a good (flexible) schedule.
There have been a few trial and errors along the way. The first few days I was trying to work with both the kids. Carter, who is five, is working on bible, letters (writing, sounds, etc), math, and reading basics. Jesse, who is almost three, was very eager to participate in more than just the bible, so I got him a basic pre-k book to work on. Juggling both kids at different levels, and a teething 5 month old wasn’t working out.
My in-laws suggested doing their school separate. They said work for 20 minutes with Carter, and send Jesse to play legos, read, or do puzzles, then Carter can have a 5-10 minute break while you work on a page from Jesses book. This made sense, so we tried it out the last few days. It’s made school time much easier for everyone. I am not as overwhelmed, the kids hear one set of directions and know what they are suppose to do, I am not repeating myself a million times, and they get one on one with me.
Also, one (of many) perks of purchasing a home with your in-laws is that my mother in law is home, too. She enjoys taking Jesse outside to do yardwork, or working on school with Carter. It’s a huge blessing to have another person home all day who is just as committed and encouraged to help the boys learn and grow.
Although I get (probably unnecessarily) stressed out at times, there are moments that make me feel very proud. Our bible verse a few days ago was “We too, will serve the Lord”. I read our story, then asked the boys to draw someway they can serve the Lord today. Jesse said his picture was of him cleaning up his toys after Mommy said. Carter said his was him holding the door for Gigi and Mommy.
It’s going to be a long journey, but I feel that I would not be led to do something if I was incapable of doing it.


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