shakes, smoothies, and sunshine galore!

I have been trying to stick to an eating “schedule”, so to say. For me, unless I’m completely starving, I forget to eat.
I 100% blame the three little boys that constantly need 110% of my attention, at all times.
So I’ve decided that every afternoon, my snack will be a shake or a smoothie.
And, since I have tried a handful of recipes from my pinterest page I’ve decided I’m going to work in using some of those recipes too.
I know, I know… quite ambitious for someone who cant even remember to eat ….

I started simple with the “build your own smoothie” chart using spinach, mango and water (Shake #1), and it was great! My almost three year old drank some, and loved it. Then again, he would prefer to eat “dinosaur leaves” (salad) over anything else.
After a few weeks of drinking this (almost) everyday, I decided to switch it up.

Shake #2: Paleo banana chocolate shake
I used almond milk in place of coconut milk. My 5 year old, and my almost 3 year old loved it!! My almost 3 year old even asked for more! Huge success in my book!

Shake #3: This green smoothie
his was amazing! It tasted somewhat like a pina colada… you can’t go wrong with that! I made this as a “pick me up” snack during naptime, so I had all this goodness for myself. But seeing how I’ll be making it again (and again, and again….) my boys will try it sooner or later.

Even though summer has come to an end, school has started, and the mornings as slightly chillier than before…
I’m still loving shakes, smoothies, and sunshine with my boys!
(Just one of the perks of being a homeschooling stay at home mom!)



(I didn’t create these amazing shakes on my own. I used the recipes from a few creative people… follow links for recipes!)


One thought on “shakes, smoothies, and sunshine galore!

  1. Sara says:

    I frequently make a banana, chocolate, peanut butter shake. It’s a good light lunch if you had a bigger breakfast. Plus it tastes like a milkshake with out all of the added sugar 🙂


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