A new love affair….

This has been one of the longest mornings… in.my.life.

The baby was up every 2 hours to eat last night.
Apparently, I didn’t have the “You’re not a newborn” chat with him prior to his bedtime, so he must have forgotten.
This morning it took 5 times of me “reminding” the older boys that we had to get dressed, and go grocery shopping.
I got my heels ran over close to 10 times at the store, thanks to the little shopping carts they so kindly supply for your children.
Jesse’s shoe coming untied on our walk, was catastrophic.
Carter ate 1/2 his lunch, before realizing I didn’t put ranch on it……traumatized.
Telling the boys it was time for a much needed nap looked like this:
I wish this was an exaggeration…. )

Needless to say, I think this all has contributed to my ever-growing, cant-get-enough, love affair with yoga.
It was my postpartum “starter” exercise, and since then I’ve craved to learn more and push my body to new levels. Besides the amazing benefits for fitness, it’s the most relaxing part of my day.
It’s silent.
I focus on my breath, and my thoughts.
I am usually impressed by what I am able to do.
I improve (even if it’s slightly) every week.
InstagramCapture_3f871d2d-86e6-4b87-91e0-ff65f4e37ebe_jpg   InstagramCapture_89747631-804d-4d6a-be4f-4cee07718bfe_jpg   InstagramCapture_d5043db4-7622-4f78-8acb-d8e3b4bacfab_jpg

So, when my wonderful, energetic boys decide it’s time to wake up…. they will have a (slightly more) patient mom ready to enjoy the rest of our day.
(And, maybe receive slightly more grace than they did this morning…)


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