Find Joy…

Having three boys has helped me to find joy in the “little things” of life, much like they do.  They think anyone pretending to slip on a banana peal is so funny,  Zachary burping after nursing is comical, and playing chase around the house pretending to be a bear is down right hilarious.

They observe everything, and have questions about it all.
They are (mostly) easily entertained, and enjoy the simple things in life. Most of the time, it’s the things that I wouldn’t even give a second thought to without them.

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Getting to be a Stay at Home Mom with them has been an amazing blessing! I get to re-learn and re-discover how to find joy in the simplicity of life. We tend to get so busy with errands that need to be run, chores that need to be finished, deadlines, schedules, and everything else, that we aren’t fully enjoying life.

I encourage you to take time, slow down, and enjoy the simple things that we tend to forget about.


3 thoughts on “Find Joy…

  1. Jacqueline says:

    You are SO right, Carly, and I applaud you for recognizing this while your children are still young. If I could turn back time I would certainly change a lot of things regarding how busy I kept myself as a stay-at-home mom. We now enjoy Amy so much when we get her because we have a better understanding of how time quickly passes us by and what is ‘truly’ important. Enjoy those babies because if you’re not careful you’ll blink and wonder where the time went… ??? Hugs & kisses to you all! xo


  2. Sasha says:

    Love this! I too have realized the beauty all around me from observing the way my children view life. They teach us to slow down, to truly stop and smell the roses, both figuratively and literally. Such sweethearts you have!!


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