Commit to be fit!

I’ve seen photos, on Instagram, Magazines, etc, and thought “I want to look like that!” or “I want to be able to do that!”

Post baby #3, I feel like I’ve had a more challenging time getting the baby weight off. My husband insists that I go through this ‘phase’ of being unhappy with myself, and feeling like I’m not making progress after each pregnancy. Since he told me this, I went out to prove  him wrong. (Naturally, right?) Flipping through photos of times after all my boys were born, I slowly started remembering that I didn’t want to be in photos. None of my pre-pregnancy clothes fit. My phone, camera, and our photo albums are filled with happy, smiling babies, and proud siblings, but none of my postpartum physique.

Some of the photos I did find:

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Believe it or not, I found these photos super encouraging. This was 1.5 years after baby #2.
I had not started working out until a few months before my sons 1st birthday,which was when my husband deployed. This was my progress in the year he was gone.
For me, it’s more encouraging and motivating to see myself in this shape. It reminds me that I can do it. I can get back to being fit, flexible, and feel better about myself. Could I get in better shape than this- Of course! But instead of having my goals set on how other people look and what other people can do, I’m challenging myself to get back to where I was.
I know I can do it. I’ve done it before.
I’m more motivated now, and have been reminded (although Jordan reminds me whenever I complain..) that my goals are obtainable, but they don’t happen over night.
It takes hard work, consistency, and determination.

I’m committed. Are you?


5 thoughts on “Commit to be fit!

  1. Jacqueline says:

    You always look beautiful to me, Carly! I think each of us has to remember that while it is very important to be healthy (watch our weight to be heart-healthy, strengthen our muscles, take important supplements, etc), it is equally important to strengthen our self-esteem. Our children, (especially our girls) watch our behaviors on exercise, eating habits and even the way we view ourselves. God made each one of us in his perfect image and this needs to be reinforced so our children grow up to love themselves for who they are; whether that be a size 2 or size 22.


      • Jacqueline says:

        We all struggle with various issues, Carly, so aren’t we blessed to have a God that loves us unconditionally. For me it’s the LACK of motivation to move even a fraction of what you do. I wish I had a passion to be more athletic… but I don’t! lol


  2. enragedhippo says:

    Fantastic progress! 🙂 We obviously haven’t given birth ourselves, but we’ve heard how hard it is to keep fit afterwards. And you’re right, commitment and consistency are probably the two most important factors that separate those who are successful and those who aren’t.

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