Body after baby

Before and after baby #1, I didn’t have to do anything really to stay (and return) back to my “normal” size. I wasn’t that into eating healthy, or fitness and was just naturally small.When I was 16 weeks pregnant with baby #2 I ran my first 10k, and after he was born picked up crossfit. I worked hard while my husband was deployed (really just because I needed to have an insanely packed schedule) to get into shape.

It’s now been four months after baby #3, and I feel like getting back into shape is so far away. I’ve been taking cycling, lifting weights again, doing some running, and try to do 2-3 days a week of yoga.  I’ve been eating much healthier (mostly clean), and keeping a journal of what I’m eating through out the day. Yet, I can only fit into two of my pre-pregnancy pants (the “fat day” pants!) and this tummy is not going away.
My husband says that I worried about it, and said the same things after baby #2. He reminds me that it takes time, and that I am making progress regardless of whether it’s as quickly as I want.

The photo on the right was 37 weeks pregnant, and the photo on the left was 6 weeks postpartum)

I know that I’m making progress, it’s just not as quickly as I was hoping. And , I guess I have an unrealistic dream of jumping right back into one of my twenty pairs of size 2 jeans before leaving the hospital with my little newborn bundle of joy. I just stick to it everyday. Keep eating healthy,and keep working hard.  I signed up for my second tough mudder at the end of September, so although one of my final goals is to get back into all my pre-pregnancy clothes, it’s important to me to build strength and endurance before this race.

I’ve found that taking measurements of myself monthly help with my motivation!
Any moms have other helpful motivation tips/tricks??


4 thoughts on “Body after baby

  1. Maria says:

    My only advice is to embrace the progress and appreciate the little victories, otherwise it’s too easy to be defeated by what lies ahead. Instead, try to think about how far you’ve come!


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