Mom of Boys

So far this morning (in the last 4 hours…) I’ve been spit up on, twice. I’ve been interrupted 5 times during yoga to be the referee, I’ve reminded my middle son to ‘go potty, and keep his undies dry’ 8 times, and I’ve made the older boys a breakfast of scrambled eggs, toast, and strawberry to be told “Mom, I wanted cherrios.”….. which led me to this post.

My days are filled with legos, ninja turtles,  power rangers, non-stop competitions and wrestling matches, more dirt and bug than I could have imagined.

My days are filled with me repeating: “Get your hands out of your pants”, “please stop rough housing, someone will get hurt”, and “Is that having a nice heart?”

My days are also filled with questions such as: “Why do I have to share with my brother”, “Why can’t I eat this?”, “Can you help me get this cape and mask on”, and  “where is God”.

This has recently made me more aware that I’m not only trying to raise three boys who are respectful, who want to share with their brothers (and others) and who are somewhat clean looking for more that the first 2 minutes of the day…. but three boys who will be someones husband. Three boys who will (hopefully) be the head of the house, with the responsibility of leading their family closer to Christ.

So, in my frustration… I try to be more patient.
And, in my stress…I try to smile. (Usually after spending hours in the gym)


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